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The Generous IRS, giving more than it should

sbwnewsitemNow, I know you won’t believe this, but the IRS has messed up again. Try to not laugh uncontrollably when you read that.

How did that happen? For some people (Click Here to read the article by Stephen Ohlmacher of the Associated Press as it appears on Yahoo!), the new tax tables made to allow for the tax credit to appear on your paycheck are not correct. You may end up getting hundreds more than you are supposed to get.

Unfortunately the IRS isn’t that generous, so they are going to want it back next April. Start planning on how to save the money or ask your employer to take a little extra our per month to get you ready. Basically, if you already get a decent sized return, it may mean that you just see a small one next year. If you cut it close, you may end up cutting a check next year.

Does and did the IRS know about this? Yes. Did they bother to tell the tax payers? No. Considering this mainly hits couples, and retirees … they may want to step up getting the word out.


PS – Besides being a weather person, setting IRS policy has to be the best job you can make serious mistakes on and still keep your job.

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