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Point State Park Fountain Face Lift and Museum

sbwnewsitemBesides Kaufman’s, one of the biggest things I remember about going into Downtown Pittsburgh when I was a child was the fountain. It was always on, and swaying in the wind. Lately the colorful lighting has been flickering and it’s not even on yet.

The reason? The years old electrical systems are going bad, and need replaced … and it is scheduled for a face lift of sorts. Click Here to read the article by Don Hopey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This will be a nice to see it working back in full force in a few years so future generations can enjoy it also.

Another thing I remember (more from school trips than my own) about the city and Point Park is The Fort Pitt Museum. It will close on June 30, 2009 if the decision is not reversed due to the state dropping funding. Please go to Save Fort Pitt NOW web site and read up. This is a major part of displaying the history of Pittsburgh, and very important at that. It’s also a major tourist attraction that brings visitors into the city. Do what you can to keep it open. There is a public hearing on May 14th.


PS – We didn’t forget our fountain …. we don’t want to forget our history either.

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