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Alert – Swine Flu Scams

sbwfyiseriousLike they say – “When opportunity knocks with sickness and despair, scam as many as you can”.

The Swine Flu came in quick, and the scammers will be right behind in preying on those that are scared and easily taken advantage of. Sadly, you no longer even have to wait for the headlines in the news media to know that the sick and twisted people that make up the scamming society will jump to full force in the situation the world is now experiencing with the outbreak.

Egypt had ordered all pigs slaughters, and other countries are taking anything from normal to extreme measures to protect themselves also.  That means there is going to be enough hurt going on give everyone a fill … and sadly the scammers will do their best to add more to it. So, take a few minutes to tell your elderly friends, parents, family members to be on the watch for fake scams concerning the Swine Flu.

Click Here for a good reference article as seen on WPXI Pittsburgh on the warning that the BBB has issued on the oncoming scams.  Click Here for a reference article from the Associated Press medical writer Lauran Neergaard as it appears on Yahoo!.


PS – It’s amazing the resilience that scammers have … if business in general had half that resilience failure would probably never happen. Of course, then again you’d have to give up ethics, morals, etc … oh, wait .. I think that’s happening anyway.  Be careful, scammers have no worries as to who they hurt.

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