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The Corporate Culture and Qubo

swbtherantfilesIt was a typical Saturday morning and we had on children’s cartoons. I felt like being fairly brainless, so I watched along with my step-daughter. A cartoon called 3-2-1 Penguins! from the Qubo Network came on. It’s story line this week was saving a village on another planet from an erupting volcano. The captain is a quick active individual, who basically ignores all those who know better and his favorite saying through most of the episode is,”Less Thinking, More Action”.  At the point of first hearing that, it felt like I was viewing a documentary on corporate life than watching a cartoon.

Every point in the episode where people would give him advice on the situation, he would listen to the first few words, cut them off, and say “Less Thinking, More Action!!”.  Halfway through, the one boy actually fell into place and followed exactly as his captain demanded, even though he knew it was not going to work. It was just better for him to do what his captain wanted, than to speak up.  He simply looked better to the person in power.

Does that seem like your workplace? … where the people that know the most are ignored, or put off to the side until a full blown crisis erupts? If it does, don’t feel bad – it’s most of corporate American (although some companies are better at putting a “nice face” on themselves with programs to allow employees to “submit” ideas.  Occasionally they use a few small ones to make it look like they are actually using he programs). Most decision makers would rather let their companies fail than admit someone-else knows better.  It’s just better or them because they look good and positive to their bosses or directors. It also avoids him getting fired when he could later blame those “that should have known better due to more experience” and get them fired.

The part of the cartoon at the end where the captain finally listens to others after multiple failures and the almost total destruction of the village will probably never happen in today’s corporate culture, because that would mean putting pride to the side … and we couldn’t have our supervisors or directors see that, could we? That’s was too un-American.  It’s better to have a company fail than to admit someone knows better.


PS – Pop goes the big head … after an employee lets the boss know the reason the company is failing isn’t the economy, it’s because of his bad decisions.

  1. April 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    “Less thinking, More Action,” indeed is the prevailing sentiment for those companies who are constantly playing catch up to their competitors. It boils down to ego and a lack of respect for employees. Too many managers are fearful of losing their posts so they don’t value their employees. It’s shameful and very costly to the business. I wish I’d seen the cartoon, it’d put it in my breakroom at work and loop it constantly – ha!


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