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Teen Driving Menace

sbwnewsitemAre all teens a menace on the road … no, but most new teens driving didn’t have the maturity or common sense to handle the 100 horse power that was available in my teen years – and they most likely don’t have enough maturity and common sense to handle the 200 to 550 horse power now commonly available. Are the teens the only ones to blame? No.

First, we have the parents for two reasons. Lack of time today to really train their teens in driving, and the fact that Dad has to either have his high powered SUV or Dodge Challenger. Both types of cars are too much for any new driver to handle without experience nd expensive enough that the family can no longer afford a secondary car that a teen an drive.

Second, we have no real consistency in the training methods used at driving schools, or even the driver license testing within a state. If you go to different state sites even in PA, you wll find the text testing is the same, but one barracks may be noted as easier to pass than another, etc.

The first part the parents need to handle, but the second part advocates are trying to get congress to put together and pass national standards for teen drivers. This will set who with, when, and where new teen drivers can use automobiles. In this day in age when most teen drivers don’t have the level of common sense instilled in them needed to handle the responsibility, and the ever increasing level of teen crash deaths this may be the best possible answer.

Anyways, here is an article on the subject by John Schmitz of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It tells you a little about the plans and STANDUP (Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection Act).


PS – Yes, I was young two … but they only had 25 horse power and crank starters.

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