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Natural Gas Drilling … The Answer of PA’s Energy Woes – or not

swbhuhWell, isn’t it true?  Drilling in PA will save the economy in this area.  It does emit less CO2 than other fossil fuels, but that may not be the issue.  In an excellent in-depth article by The Pittsburgh City Paper written by Bill O’Driscoll shows many sides to the “answer to our prayers”.  The first thing you read about is Gulla …. he purchased land hoping to farm it.  On that land was a large pond, his home, and four wells.  Drillers offered him good money to lease part of his property, unfortunatley the drilling also contaminated his pond, and all of his drinking wells.  The article goes into much more and has a great explaination of many of the concerns about drilling.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about tree hugging nor moeny.

So, if everyone (including the President at times) says this is the best thing for Pennsylvania, whe is SWB saying “Huh??”

Here are the Pros:

  • Natural Gas emits less co2
  • Usable by-products such as propane and butane
  • The US is mostly self-sufficient in natural gas

Here are the Cons:

  • The act of drilling for anything can cause disruption in the natural structure of the lands, possibly contaminating waters
  • Methane, a by-product of drilling, is it escapes due to a leak, can cause more global warming than co2.

So, please take time to Click Here and read the article from The Pittsburgh City Paper.  Along with drilling being an environment issue, it is also a political issues … so get informed so you can influence decisions correctly.


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