Happy Earth Day!!!

coolstuffLet’s start the celebration by creating some jobs.

What ….. not by hugging a tree???

BTW … SWB did plant three trees in celebration of Earth Day.

OK, back to the job thing. I think by now everyone realizes tree-hugging isn’t for everyone – but even the tree hugging haters are seeing the light about breathing better and the fact that getting the environment back to allowing that will create jobs.


New technology that helps clean up what we messed up. Controls on carbon emissions will be part of creating that technology. Other industries, like clean energy generation will be a portion of the rest. If it doesn’t seem that way, think about this: All of those wind turbines are mounted on large “poles”. They, on average contain 250 tons of steel and require fabrication, etc. So becoming green may help some unemployed get a little green in their wallets.

With the technology already being developed in the Western Pennsylvania area, and the skills already present … Earth Day could be the start of environmental and financial recovery for our area. Click Here for an article by Don Hopey of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that details how the carbon caps could generate jobs in the area.

Here are some things you can do so celebrate Earth Day and save energy (SWB has already done these):

  • Convert your landscaping lighting over to solar LED technology … it’s cheap now!
  • Convert your day to day lights over to Compact sFluorescent Lights … you save 75% on your lighting bill.
  • If you use decorative lighting in your house convert those to LED technology … those lights went from $25 each fo $7 each in the last 4 months.
  • Plant your own garden and grown some of your own food.
  • Plant a a few fruit trees … you help the environment and get food for yourself.

Here are some links to Earth Day sites:

Additional Links:


PS – Hug a tree hugger … they get weird looks on their faces when you do that.

  1. April 22, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    People are making a difference. Now we need to spread the “Earth Day” message year around.

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