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Rip Those Solar Panels Off That Roof!

cluelesstrophy… exclaimed Ronald Reagan as he took office after Jimmy Carter.

Now, I don’t know if he actually said that, but I’m sure it was somewhat close.

I was looking for a good “clueless award” this morning and was a little disappointed I couldn’t find something current. So while I was flipping though an old issue of Readers Digest I ran across an article on Alternative Energy by Joseph K Vetter.  It included a time line of alternative energy milestones.  Click Here to  go to that article … the time line is on the second page. It actually has a great rundown on alternative fuels and the debates about them in it.

In reading that article I found the perfect person (and political party) to award a virtual “clueless” trophy to – Ronald Reagan and The Republicans.

The following is a quote from that part of the time line:

“1979 – Jimmy Carter installs solar panels on the White House. Ronald Reagan removed them in 1986.”

I wonder if the oil companies sent over complimentary workers to help Ronald remove the panels?  I do have much respect for Mr. Reagan … but instead of supporting an energy source that would have helped the planet (along with kicking off new industries, etc), he chose to abandon the best way he could push that technology – by example of use.  So he gets a “clueless” trophy for this accomplishment in history past.

The reverse is happening now.  Obama is making use of alternative energies … even looking into once that may just be bridges until other technologies come into the mainstream and become affordable like clean coal.  SWB has no problems with continued use of cleaned up fossil fuels, considering they are now only used as bridging resources to allow the introduction of alternative renewable (notice we didn’t just say ‘renewable’), non-polluting energies.  We have a big orange orb in the sky that produced much of that … and two rovers on Mars that have run for four plus years beyond their life expectancy proving the technology.

Do things need to get less expensive for mainstream use? Yes

Should twenty-five feet thick ice chunks breaking off a little less than a month ago bother us? Defnitely.

So, in the fight in fossil fuels vs. alternative energy, one political party puts up the panels and the other rips out the sun.


PS – One eventual benefit of global warning is that someday you will be able to “air fry” small whole chickens just by sticking out your front door for a few minutes.  Microwaves will no longer be needed – just think about the energy savings on that alone.

  1. April 21, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    that air-frying sounds mighty tasty

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