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Follow a Sunbeam to Flowing Ice Cream

saraseriecaptureCapture from Sara’s in Erie, PA … click it to go to their site. The first thing I remember about Spring (or slightly before) is heading out for the first car trip to the ice cream shop. For me that first trip was to Page’s Dairy Mart at the corner or Carson St and Becks Run in Pittsburgh. Of course, when I was younger , I always opted for the larger of the items – a full banana-split. I rarely finished it … or I felt sick after I did. Today, my favorite is probably an old-time malted milk-shake. My wife and I continue this tradition with her daughter and my step-daughter.

In addition to this tradition from my childhood, we have created a tradition of our own by making at least two yearly trips to Sara’s and Sally’s in Erie PA. If you ever do want top feel like you’ve stepping into the set of Happy Days you can do it at Sara’s and Sally’s (maybe less the view of the condo’s across the street). Pulling into the parking containing and old style diner, you almost expect a car hop to come racing out to your car. Although that won’t happy, the sights, sounds, and aromas are amazing. You can smell the hot-dogs, hamburgers, fries and more. The background noise from Waldameer Park up the road with the splashing of Lake Erie across the street fulfills anyone’s need for an trip back to the 50’s. BTW … Waldameer is free to walk into and a great place for kids.

What makes Sally’s so special, besides the trip back in time? For many it’s the one place you can get an orange and vanilla twist cone. Match that up with a foot long hot dog and you have a few good reasons to drive the rest of the way to Presque Isle State Park and lay out on one of the Erie beaches (we recommend Beach 10 or Beach 11). The other point that makes it special is the amazing speed of service for the amount of customers Sarah’s accommodates during a day. You don’t wait, and your food is never cold (with exception to the ice-cream, of course).


PS – Traditions are a simple thing that keep families together and healthy.

Sara’s will be also be placed under SWB Recommends

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