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Cutting costs at the Pittsburgh airport

sbwnewsitemCuts the fees people have to pay to use a service and they will come. Makes sense, right? That is why you usually never hear those words coming out of people running corporations or large organization … because those words and that attitude makes sense.It’s against their rules. This is why SWB is so confused at this point.

The Pittsburgh International Airport is cutting fees to the airlines.

I know … start breathing again … the shock will wear off in a few minutes.

It’s true, really … we aren’t making this up. Click Here for the article by Mark Belko of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Reportedly the fees will go down anywhere from 14 to 34 percent depending on the service, etc. This could actually drive more people to travel to Pittsburgh and inspire more airlines to use this as a hub or main port. This shows that Pittsburgh International is becoming serious once again about attracting airlines back to our area.


PS – I wonder how many people in the County Airport Authority will get their heads on silver platters for doing something that makes sense … I’m pretty sure there is legitimate documentation that says that’s against Pittsburgh political rules.

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