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AIG Saga Part 15 – Say No To Those Claims!

sbwnewsitemAIG is back …. not asking for money – just blowing off claims.

20/20 Will have a report on it tonight (Click Here for their website).

As AIG was wasting money on bonuses, private planes, corporate parties … they spent much on legal fees to make sure claims were not paid out. This ranged from a person hearing “we aren’t going to pay that” with no explanation to and Iraq vet being turned down because they didn’t believe he had post traumatic stress syndrome. Maybe they should send the claim processor out and explode few hundred shells around them.

The biggest stories GMA highlighted for the 20/20 report tonight we about the military. SWB is fairly sure there are more. We will add additional links as we find them. SWB is sniffing around and we smell excrement.


PS – It’s obvious that AIG still needs some cleaning out.

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