Domino’s Delivers More …

utternonsenseprod…or a least a few employees do.

I wasn’t going to write about this, simply because I rolled my eyes when I saw the clip about it on the news and just said under my breath, “stupid teens”. Talk about being wrong.

First thing … some kudos need to go out to domino’s for how they are handling the situation.

Second thing …. the employees that did this were in their early 30s.

Although most people start growing up around 25 (I remember people in my parents generation were starting to own homes and be respected in their jobs around that age range), this unfortunately highlights how badly some people in this country have regressed. Common sense says “you stop doing this stuff when you are out of high school”. Common sense says “you are most likely going to get fired for doing something like this – especially with all the news on other food poisoning issues”. Common sense says “a company may seek to have you brought up on charges for doing something illegal in their restaurant”. Common sense “if you are really going to do something that stupid, you don’t film it”. Common sense didn’t prevail here.

For those fighting against the use of social media monitoring by employers – you can thank the two idiot Domino’s employees for giving companies and even bigger reason to do that. The act of monitoring an employee’s presence on the Internet is still controversial, but those two just gave “the man” more fire power. Domino’s has rightly (and thankfully) fired the two employees. The authorities have warrants for their arrest. I wonder if they will enter a “not guilty” plea.

SWB is usually in practice of defending the little guy, but in this case, as a company, Domino’s should not have to defend itself because to clueless idiots exist in this world. Do people not learn basic courtesies and manners these days, or are they just not taught because parents and families members don’t want to make the younger generation feel bad about themselves when then are corrected? I think the root cause of the Domino’s issue is a generation and a half of “feel gooders” instead of hard workers.

cluelesstrophySo, the newest recipients of a “clueless trophy” are the two employees that caused a legitimate company a PR nightmare. They also got the “utter nonsense and such” listing. Getting both from SWB takes much hard work. Most likely this will cost Domino’s more than the two dolts will earn in their lifetimes combined to do damage control for this incident. Personally I’ll still order from Domino’s when they are located close to where I am at. I don’t believe a company should suffer through the actions of employees without brains.

Click Here for a good reference article on the issue from Bruce Horovits of USA Today.


PS – If you even wanted to know what the secret ingredients are in specialty items – you know now.

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