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Gun Control in Pennsylvania and anywhere

sbwnewsitemNow, before you go off (and SWB knows you will) – we to believe in the Right To Bare Arms. Click Here for a good definition of the issue … oops, sorry that wasn’t it. Click Here for better information.

Everyone has the right to have a firearm to protect themselves – or even just to collect. We do not believe you need a firearm with the capability of blowing someone’s head off five football fields away – nor do you need a firearm that can cut a brick building in half.

If someone breaks into your house, no matter the weapon – you are only going to get one or two shots off.  If we get invaded by another country – you are going to be out-gunned anyway (they are probably going to have things like grenade launchers, missiles, etc). Now, if you want to buy any gun and you want to hang out on ships and take shots at Somali pirates due to their latest escapade (Click Here) … go for it. Somehow, I don’t see anyone complaining (except maybe the pirates).

It is correct to fight for your right to bare arms … it is not correct to fight for your right to kill your fellow citizens at a rate of ten per second. Gun control needs to go back to being about the Constitution and common sense … not about politics and power.

Click Here for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by James O’Toole on Rendell’s gun control bit.


PS – I wonder if I can make my Grandfather’s old .22 single shot into a fully automatic … I should be able to get more rabbits that way (along with the occasional Grandma with the stray bullets).

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