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… And the five year olds start to battle …

utternonsenseprodI thought to myself, just for once, maybe this year we will have intelligent enough mayoral candidates that we will be able to hear good news bites and debates about who is best for the job. SWB is sorry to inform you that it’s not going to happen. The battle of the five year olds has started. Although it’s beginning a little less intense that the last Pittsburgh mayoral election, I compare this to a baby food battle and I’m sure they will progress into a full out “Animal House” style food fight. Carmen is now calling the Luke and Patrick “divas”. Hmmm … maybe there is some dress fetishes the men have that only Carmen knows about. They are also fighting about the May 19th primary date not being moved because “Luke is too busy” … must be starting into his golf outing schedule for this year.

Oh well, I’m hoping for maybe a few on camera full out food fights between the primary candidates this year. I think we should have blueberry and cherry jam just in case the “divas” are wearing anything white.

Click Here for the latest from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the start of the election food fights. The candidates did promise to stay with organic foods this year to promote health.

And don’t forget to Click Here to take our poll on who you want for mayor. The page also includes links to our interviews with them (of course only Dok has had the courtesy to accommodate so far), and links to their campaign sites.

We stuck this under “Utter Nonsense and Such” because we are fairly confident that the mud-slinging will go far beyond that label.


PS – Do you remember when candidates could use two syllable words? … I don’t, it was too long ago.

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