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Social Security – The Great Ponzi Scheme

sbwnewsitemOut of all of the most damaging Ponzi schemes out there, Social Security is probably the biggest. Supposedly it’s good until 2041 (about the time I’m due to retire … so I’m probably looking at a lifetime Wal-Mart greeter job). The government constantly borrows from the fund, but now since so many jobs are being lost and there are very few new-hires to replace them … the social security pull from paychecks is dwindling.They will have to end up finding funds somewhere else, or depleting what is there.

Some things haven’t changed, like the attitude that social security will still be there for the current recipients, etc … which got us where we are with Social Security anyway.

Well, Click Here for a good quick editorial from The Tribune-Review on the issue.


PS – Kiddies … work on your gardening skills, not because it’s Spring – but because that is probably the only way you will have enough to eat once Social Security runs out.

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