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An Extreme Act Of Agression – The Pirates Of Somalia

cluelessandconfusedbwYep … it’s time for a clueless award.  For who, this time? That would be the Pirates Of Somalia (sounds like a good movie title).

Now, if you kidnap people from a country, any country … that country is going to try to safely get their people back – even if  that means eliminating you from the planet.  What it comes down to, is if you are dumb enough to hold hostages for ransom and threaten to kill them, you acquire the rite to bite the bullet. The pirates from Somalia have now promised to kill any French or American sailors that are found on board any vessel then may take over.  If you look at history … this no longer is a threat to possible future hostage situations, but an all-out act and declaration of war against France and The United States.  This is because the Pirates on the lifeboat where Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage were killed in his rescue.  What did they expect? … did they think a country would just say “Here is your money … now release our people?”.  This has happened too many times in the last year for that scenario to play out any longer.  Countries will now protect their people more vigilantly from the Somalian Pirates and will more aggressively rescue those that are taken hostage due to the threats just made by the Somalian Pirates until those threats are eliminated.

cluelesstrophyAnd the “clueless” award goes to The Somalian Pirates for humorously thinking they can threaten so directly the people of any country without some severe form of retaliation.  It just shows what happens when your brain cells get saturated with salt-water.

Click Here for a reference article from CNN News Online.


PS – Men that threaten multiple countries tend to “go boom” themselves.

  1. Lance
    April 13, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    I can’t wait till Ali Nur gets shot right through the head just like his buddies! I think it’s great and ooh rah to the SEALS for some excellent marksmanship. One shot one kill! This is how we have to deal with these idiots that hijack ships! If I were a ships Capt. and we overtook the Pirates, (and we would), I would make their asses walk the plank in shark infested waters, film it and send it back to their pirate friends. When they see the footage of sharks ripping them apart that might just make a career change!!! Lance, A former Marine

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