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Happy Easter from the Rabbits of Caerbannog

montykillerrabbitPicture from monstersinmotion.us. Click it to go there.Once thought of as a myth and currently upset due to the lack of media attention The Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog wanted to show their “good” side and wish you a Happy Easter. They somehow found SWB to be the appropriate venue to do this. If you find this offensive, we apologize, but they snuck in the front door with fresh blood on their teeth and are holding my two dogs hostage until this post gets read.

Oh, they wanted to make sure everyone knew that an article about them in Uncyclopedia (Click Here) is not true. They say they are really friendly cute animals and should not be discriminated against due to having a different diets than the other bunnies. Supposedly they say they give each other Easter baskets too, and quite enjoy the holiday (although SWB is pretty sure they’re not celebrating the religious part).

While they are looking away …. here is a BIG warning from SWB: When they are little, they look like regular cute little bunnies, but once they get to consuming chocolate, they fully grow within hours and will attack anything that moves. Since they are trying to make a comeback, they’ve infiltrated pet stores worldwide – so SWB asks you … please, please, please *do not* buy your child a bunny for Easter, if it is a Caerbannog Killer Rabbit offspring you most likely will not survive!!! Head this warning … they are not religious in any way and are truly evil ….


PS – Oh, crap …. they saw me write the last warning ……

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