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Review: Tusca Tapas (Lunch)

tuscacaptureCapture from Tusca’s website – click it to go there. I haven’t had a chance to do a re-review of Tusca Tapas since the ownership change a few years ago. The place has changed, and with Chef Chris, it now has a great variety. The one main thing I find appealing about Tusca is that it is not just a tapas bar. There is a good mix of “other stuffs”, allowing friends not familiar with tapas to fee comfortable on a dinner date. I did havee one of my favorites, which is the Kafta. Currently the portion appears to be large that previous, and the cucumber sauce was in great abundance. The Kafta was cooked vey much to my liking, and it is something I will continue to order.

The next item on my list was Shrimp Dim Sum. I have had this at a few other restaurants, and this was the best I have had yet. The dumplings were cooked very well, the broth complimented the vegetables and dumplings in the soup perfectly. No flavors overwhelmed any other.

The last item (courtesy of my step-daughter) was the pizza off of the children’s menu. In her words, “it was the best pizza”.

It was lunch and we did not have any wine to compliment the dishes – maybe next time. If you have not been there is a few years, the atmosphere has changed greatly, so stop back.

The service was very good. The food was brought out at great eating (and safety) temperatures, and the whole lunch experience was very pleasing.


PS – For those that do not know what tapas is, Click Here.

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