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The Genome Generation

coolstuffThis probably should really be under “cool but scary”. Complete Genomics says it will have one million genomes sequenced in five years time more or less for the purpose of giving people the opportunity of personalised medicine based on their genes. The big fears from many are the possibilities of insurance and medical industries using that information against persons seeking medical treatment. If it is used correctly, it could be a very effective way to significantly cut medical costs by allowing people to practice a proactive and preventative lifestyle, instead of a reactive lifestyle. It could also aide in the advancement of cloning … which is against many peoples beliefs. Once in full swing, and once people realize it is a reality – political and religious fights could arise due to all of the possibilities that this technology brings – including the ability to “play God”. All in all, regardless of all the issues, it is definitely an interesting science and a great article concerning the company Complete Genomics appeared in BBC News Online today. Click Here to view it.


PS – This is a necessary science … how else are we going to keep going with Rocky movies and New Years Eve countdowns with Dick Clark if something doesn’t lead to cloning.

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