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Searching for the end of a rainbow

rainbowWhy search for the end of rainbow?

Think about it … it tends to be one of those dead end goose chases. It’s one of those things of beauty you can never obtain. Well, maybe we shouldn’t say “never”. A few people have been so “lucky” to find a rainbow, and even fewer have found the end of it. Due to the detailed and diligent reporting SWB does (we realize opinions vary on that), we have obtained details on what four others have discovered at the end. Due to the controversy in their findings we are not using their real names:

  • Carol was the first to actually get to a rainbow. In her words “Initially when I arrived, it was sooooo beautiful. I couldn’t even describe it. The beauty drew me into to rainbow. It was amazing. I was so mesmerized by it I didn’t notice it was all just multi-colored dyes. It was too late when I noticed my brand new $500 BCBG Maximaria dress was ruined. After that I heard a faint snicker … there was some green guy way off in the distance laughing at me. ****** rainbow, idiot green guy”.  Sorry … we didn’t think she was going to use that kind of language. I guess life is full of disappointments.
  • Jack discovered a rainbow at the tail end of a storm. He also discovered the multi-colored dyed mist, but still had his raincoat so he was safe and none of his clothes got stained. Going a little further than Carol did, he came close to meeting with that green guy Carol spotted. He wasn’t laughing this time, and actually shot Jack with a dart. Jack was finally discovered by the emergency beacon he set off before passing out. The doctors are working on getting him our of his coma. The strange thing they discovered is that after the poison from the dart set in, his stomach will only digest clovers and Irish whiskey. The Irish doctors and the American doctors are at odds as to whether that is healthy or not, and if it is a sign of hope and recovery.
  • Jason and Kelly both made it completely to the end, and actually met up with the green guy. They thought he was a Leprechaun, and they were quite disappointed when they found out he actually was just a green guy. The fabled Pot O’ Gold now only contained a rare, but useless National City gold debit card. The bank was sold off and the account emptied. They asked the green guy where the Pot O’ Gold treasure went … and well, let’s just say we are not comfortable with printing his reply. The couple said he was just mean, plain mean. He actually threw the pot at Kelly, requiring her to get stitches. The couple eventually gave up on finding the fabled treasure stating it would be easier to get a government job and skim from accounts.

So SWB asks … why bother looking for the end of a rainbow if you only find dyed mist, a ticked off green guy, and a defunct debit card?

Times have changed, and the only thing we can figure out is that the Leprechaun family business faded out long ago and wasn’t noticed gone due to the lack of people discovering the ends of rainbows. The only minute ray of hope is a rumor that there is one family member left awaiting word of inclusion in the current stimulus package.

PS – See … the economy has even hit the little green guys.

  1. j
    April 10, 2009 at 12:58 am

    I used to live in that apartment building next to the rainbow.

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