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Puddle Jumper tries to outrun F16s

cluelessandconfused1Well, amidst all of the grief with the local shootings and killings – the clueless did break through in the news. Adam Leon from Canada decided he would steal a Cessna 172, try to outrun a few F16s, and then stop in for a Gatorade after he landed on a dirt road and parked under a bridge.  I’m sure he was definitely going to return the plane … it was just that his favorite convenience store wasn’t within walking distance and his feet were hurting.

Click Here for the details from CNN.

I’m thinking when the additional news comes out on this it should be quite interesting.

cluelesstrophyAdam … you fully deserve this “Clueless” award today.  In case you didn’t know – F16s are really fast.  To bad Adam didn’t put forth more effort … I truly feel that he could have made it to a full Darwin Award.

Everyone – this is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly.  If Adam did anything to the state of Wisconsin, do you realize what would happen to the cheese supply in this counry??


PS – When the missiles on a plane are bigger than your whole plane … you try avoid attracting those planes that carry those missiles.  Adam obviously wasn’t aware of that.

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