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Richard Poplawski – an issue that needs dealt with

pghsunset1More on the issue:

Three officers unnecessarily died due to an idiot with issues. Do I know he had issues – yes. How? Let’s see: 1. He was walking around at 1am in ony his pajama pants, 2. The PFA against him from a former girlfriend, 3. His stating to multiple people that he was distressed about losing his job, 4.The fact that he was worried about Obama taking away guns, 5. He began stockpiling guns after being kicked out of the marines because he thought the police could no longer protect us with hte bd economy. Well, all he did on the last point was give Obama more firepower to take away guns even to those very responsible. After shooting officers, Poplawski held off officers from get to their wounded – even enemies in a way don’t go that low. His Mother is now actually threatening the Post-Gazette with a lawsuit if they don’t stop reporting.

The Pittsburgh Police and Swat team showed an amount of restraint not seen anywhere. Consider the amount of well placed snipers and good shots they probably had on the incident that did not open fire when Poplawski finally gave up and was brought out. All of these officers, not just he ones that died, need to be commended and decorated as fully as possible.

With everyone else involved with Poplawski – did anyone bother to speak up – except on he news shots?? Think about it – where I grew up, if I did anything remotely like what was mentioned about Poplawski (walking at 1 am in my PJ pants), I would have been soon greeted by a police officer in a car asking me it if I needed help (or taking me home and telling my family I needed help). Am I blaming the community? No, but I am noting that we have gone to a lifestyle of too much about the individual, and not enough about the community we live it. Staying out of people’s business is good – but ignoring dangerous buildups in the community is worse than not being liked for showing concern. Family ignores family now too … this isn’t a good thing.

Is there a possibility that Poplawski asked for help and it was ignored? … sure. He was out of a job, so that means the possibility of not having medical coverage for mental health issues (which he obviously had many) – and if he confided in friends, there is the issue of those friends just not wanting to deal with it.

Here links to current articles for a complete overview:

The Post-Gazette article by Jon Smitz

KDKA Channel 2 Pitsburgh

WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh (more info on Richard P)

On The Officers from The Tribune-Review

Do the following if you can:

  • Pray for all of the families involved (even the Poplawski’s – how would you feel if your family name was all over the news associated with something this intense).
  • Drop few flowers at a police station in memory of the officers.
  • Get to know your community again and actually listen to the people in it.
  • Leave all involved families alone.
  • Let the police and the courts sort this one out – they have proven they can handle this by the restraint they showed on the scene. If to many rumors and false info’s get created, it could harm the outcome of the situation greatly allowing those officer’s deaths to be in vain.


PS – “Self” isn’t everything … which is the issues that really needs to be dealt with.

** All comments are welcome for information sharing – anything hateful or potentially untrue will not be approved.

  1. April 6, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    Hi I like your blog, catchy title and your use od Burghese saying he needs dealt with. I had a few thoughts about this case and i agree with pretty much all of yours too. They haven’t even buried the victims of the Binghamton massacre and now we’re onto this mess. Seems somebody’s got guns who shouldn’t have had them ?

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