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Kudos: The VFW gets fixed up

swbkudosBefore your mind starts to race on this one – SWB isn’t setting up VFW members with dates. Sorry guys and ladies.

Anyways (as we continue to destroy the Queen’s English), sometimes you see a story that makes you realize how much the military helps and supports it’s own – even after they are no longer members, are retired, etc. One showed up today on www.triblive.com and is well worth mentioning. Click Here for the actual article.

When I grew up I had family in the military, so occasionally we went to the local VFW for Christmas parties, etc. I always remembered the camaraderie, and closeness of the families and friends there. It was a great place for ex-military friends and family to keep in touch, along with a place for healing from what soldiers are exposed to if they have gone into active duty.

I always though VFW posts were a great way to continue showing our military the appreciation they deserve for protecting out country. Lately many of those posts (now very old) have gone into disrepair, etc. The article mentioned about shows how current military and retied military got together the help spruce up one of those old posts. So, if you think all these soldiers do is shoot guns – think again.


PS – Although SWB supports the military, I’m not sure I’d wanna give them a nail gun – too many of those soldiers are good shots and still hunt small game like weasels 🙂

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