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Only Two Days Til Monday

swbhuh“Only two days until Monday” … now, that’s the thought that puts a smile on my face when I wake up Saturday morning. It means I get to awaken earlier, get the kid ready for school, and see my happy-faced co-workers. What better thoughts to perk up a normally Saturday morning?

I mean, after a while you just get tired of the workless, happy, no-stress days on the weekends. They’re not productive anyway. That’s just not American … and there are withdrawal symptoms if you relax too much:

  • You can’t think quickly, your face hurts., emotionally you get confused, etc. You also stop drinking caffeine. There are additional withdrawal symptoms with that also – along with putting coffee roasters out of business.

Do you even think about how many people you put out of work when you don’t look forward to Monday, and end up de-stressing on a weekend??

  • Doctors, lawyers, family therapists, etc – a whole economy within itself!! and more!!!

So do what SWB does … wake up Saturday morning looking forward to Monday, keep the stress going, and help the economy recover!!


PS – Happy Saturday! and think before you de-stress on a weekend!

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