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Launch Them Kids Up Past The Clouds!!

cloudscene1The latest thing in infant mobility … baby formula enriched with rocket fuel. This would be a good baby humor post if it weren’t actually true!

Besides spending it’s time trying to fight against Google for it’s livelihood, Yahoo! occasionally posts an interesting article. The current one, of course is about finding rocket fuel chemicals in baby formula. Please check out the article.  Now, the chemicals can happen naturally, so it’s too soon to blame the issue on outsourcing to another country, etc … but somehow, SWB sees that coming (we’re actually hoping for material for future posts – you see if you can pull three posts a day out of your head).  Better yet, we can see another story coming about a company being negligent of product safety testing, etc.

Anyways (as we like to say), I can just envision the future: Little diaper clad kiddies flying high in the wild blue yonder.


PS – Watch out for that falling brown thing … it’s not a bird turd.

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