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The cuties at the zoo …

pghzoolizard… OK, well maybe not this guy 🙂

But the elephants that everyone made a big fuss out of a while ago are growing up quite nicely at The Pittsburgh Zoo. If you forgot, Angelina and Zuri are their names. They seem to be becoming quite fond of their new pad. I was only able to spot one while I was out there last week but for all of you animal fans The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an update for you in a new article with a few cool slide shows included. Click Here for that article.


PS – Support the zoo ….. and guys ….. if you though the “cuties”were going to be pics of young ladies in their summertime garb I’ve already captured your IP address and forwarded it to your wife or girlfriend 😉

  1. April 3, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Thanks for your comments about the Pittsburgh Zoo! Next Saturday is the Zoo Hop to Spring. On April 18, we’re having our first ever Green Marketplace, where visitors can buy “green” items from Pittsburgh organizations and learn about companies that offer services that are kind to the environment.

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