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A Potentially Violent Tornado

swbhuhLike many others I flipped on the Weather Channel this morning to see what was up. As soon as I started watching the meteorologist started talking about the current severe weather. I’m a Skywarn member and a bit of a wannabe storm chaser so this interests me. The next weather occurrence he predicated was that the weather system going through the mid-west could produce “A Potentially Violent Tornado” – which made me smile and go “huh?”. I’ve never known any tornado to *not* be violent. This inspired me to do a list comparing tornadoes types to see if maybe I missed something (remember, we all have much to learn in life):


Violent Tornado: Runs through your house totally obliterating it and killing most of your family and pets.

Tame Tornado: Picks up your house, gently relocating it to the state you need to move to for your new job while being careful to not damage any household items.


Violent Tornado: Picks up every cow in a pasture immediately killing them and the people in the cars that the cows land on.

Tame Tornado: Moves the cows to better pastures providing them with additional food while milking them to save time for local farmers.


Violent Tornado: Completely destroys hundreds of years of historically important buildings as it passes through the center of a city.

Tame Tornado: Carefully sand-blasts the historically important buildings in the city it passes through beautifying and preserving them for future generations.


Violent Tornado: Destroys all industrial buildings in it’s path, rendering them useless causing massive unemployment.

Tame Tornado: Takes old building materials found around the site and makes modern sculptures out of them that fetch high prices at national art auctions adding capital to the business the tornado ran through saving it from the bad economy.


Hmmmm ….. I guess after making my list I now realize that there *are* tame and helpful tornadoes along with “potentially violent ones”.


PS – What happened to those legitimate meteorologists that were on the weather channel? They in retirement down in Florida already?

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