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Guantanamo Bay field trip for Miss Universe 2008

cluelessandconfused1Wait, wait, ….. waaaaaiiiiitt!!! We pushed “Publish” way to quick on the last article when we thought the Woodland Hills kiddies highly deserved the latest “Clueless Award”. We were WAY wrong. We popped over to BBC News and discovered that Miss Universe 2008 had taken the cake by declaring that Guantanomo Bay was “sooooo beautiful!”. She said she “loved meeting the Military Dogs”, and “the Detainees camp was very interesting” according to quotes in the BBC article.

Ummm ….. obviously she was shorted on the complete Guantanamo Bay experience. If I was her, I’d ask my travel agent for a big refund.

If you want to read about true cluelessness at work, Click Here for the article as featured in BBC News.

cluelesstrophycluelesstrophyWe feel that Dayana’s extra effort deserves us giving her two “Clueless Awards” at one time … don’t you agree?



PS – “Damage control, damage control, damage control!!”, you could hear the Miss Universe Pageant reps scream, “The dippy one did an oopsie big time!”

BTW – I’m thinkin’ there might also be potential here for a Darwin Award if Miss Dayana meets up with any of the Guantanamo detainees when and if they are set free.

  1. Kit
    April 5, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Just minute folks — perhaps this yong woman knows what she’s doing. From Venezuela – home of the great Chavez – and you don’t think she had any idea of the irony of her visit and the publicity it would raise – showing that the place is still in business?

    I say “Hurrah!” for our Miss Universe for shedding light so lightly, while mocking herself in the process!

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