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Making Youself Look Like a Religious Idiot

cloudssnow112108Look at the picture to the left. This is the way a Christian, Catholic, etc (or most Christ-based faiths) would God to be perceived: Beautiful, understanding, and full of grace. Well, Click Here for an article by Mike Seate of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. After you do that, read the rest of this post. Finished …. ok, let’s talk.

I’m a typical guy with a family that goes to an Anglican (Christian) church – no different than any other person in this city. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I try to get better at things, and end up repeating that cycle over and over. I do believe in defending your faith …. for a Christian that is known as apologetics (click for a definition). Please keep in mind this is from Wikipedia.

Don’t run yet .. this isn’t turning into a religious rant, but just highlighting my pet peeve and the above links were that you understood a little bit about where I come from.

My pet peeve …. idiots that shove things down your throat, or act like complete jerks. Why? Because that is the best way to get someone to hate what you believe in. I don’t care if that is Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, hobbies, lifestyle, etc – if you act like a complete *** (I can’t print that word, but you figure it out) people tend to associate what your are perceived as (a Christian, etc) with being a jerk. You don’t help people come into the light of your beliefs by shaming them or embarrassing them, and they don’t want to become part of anything that is perceived as being “just a group of jerks”.

Acting in the ways described in the article by Mike Seate shows someone that open passes judgment on others when this is not his job … it’s God’s.

Go figure … people that think they can take over God’s job. Watch out for the great big lightning bolts around those types.

If you truly believe in something – at least attempt to act the way that belief indicates you should. People know that you are not perfect and don’t expect you to act that way – but if you act like a jerk, they will treat you like the true hypocrite that you are.


PS – “Hate the sin, not the sinner” is a good motto to live by, even if you are not religious – ie. “Hate the action, not the person doing it” as everyone is in a constant state of learning and improving and nobody is perfect. In other words – your are not better than the guy standing next to you. If you think you are – get over it quick, unless you want to live a very disappointing life.

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