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Conficker Virus – Gotcha!! – April Fools!!!

fyiiconFor those who haven’t heard, it’s virus time again. The main one you have all heard about is the Conficker Worm. There are of course other minor ones, but this is the “biggie” that’s making all the news. Some security experts are playing it down, and some are playing it up. I guess it depends on who needs more exposure in the media at this point in their life. From SWB’s point of view … the best thing is prevention. Shut off your peer to peer, limit downloading, etc, etc – and the most important … use common sense (if you don’t have any, find some).

Click Here for a current article from USA Today on the worm and Click Here for the sans.org security news site. Sans is the best site for information on any IT security threats.

*Update: Here is the WPXI article on the subject


PS – As an IT manger, if your security team tells you to not do things at work over the next few days … listen. If not, you could lose your job over wanting to play the online version of Asteroids because you let in a virus. Stupid, huh?

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