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Visiting The Zoo – A SWB PSA

zoopicImage from www.imagesbylawrence.us – click on it to go to The Pittsburgh Zoo. After a hard day on Friday hanging out at Crazy Mocha writing blogs for both SWB and the company’s corporate site that I work for, and wine tasting at The Nake Grape… I’m needing some serious downtime. Life’s rough, ya know. Anyway, I’m taking the family to The Pittsburgh Zoo (click on picture top left of the article). Why? Well, to answer that – they haven’t had any new unique animals for a while, so Screaming Weasel feels he needs to make a guest appearance. Actually … it’s because the wife has been bugging me, not the kid, the wife. Of course, I didn’t tell her I really just wanted an excuse to stop at the local pro sound and music store on the way back.

Keep this in mind also … in the hard times we have now (or whatever you want to call them), and although the Pittsburgh economy isn’t getting hit as bad as others, the zoo is getting hit fro lack on donations and volunteers. So, the more you visit, and better it is for them. Oh, BTW … prices go up April 1st for the summer season.

Anyway, see you at the zoo if you are there.


PS – If you see some crazed ferret looking creature clawing at a cage wall for life …. that means they caught me. Could you kindly let me out?

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