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Police Officer Fired because he can’t smell!

cluelesstrophyThis one is so bad, it almost sounds like a tabloid article. In no way have I ever heard of “smell” as a requirement for working as a police officer. Considering I spent twenty-two years living next door to the deputy sheriff and two years living six apartments down from a Pittsburgh City cop … you might think I caught wind of that.

Now, this officer did have an off-duty motorcycle accident (of which I have no details) … so I am going to assume the district is worried about his safety, but the accident didn’t include alcohol, or some other determining factor, etc to make it bad enough for them to fire him because of it because that may make them look like they would be firing him based on some sort of discrimination. So … they are taking the route of *really* discriminating against him by firing him because he can’t smell.

Click Here for the reference article on the issue by The Associated Press as appearing in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

… and, so, the latest “Clueless Award” goes to both Collier Township and The Commonwealth Court.


PS – Although this police officer is not a celebrity yet … this sounds like it’s going to be an amusing enough court case (if it gets there) to end up featured on TMZ.

  1. kmc
    March 26, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    This is really a shame, but if PA has it, he should retire on “Ordinary Disability”. He would be able to collect a pension of 1/3 his salary and he would be free to start a new career, maybe go to law school. There would be no way they could turn him down, since this has already been decided. Good luck brother.

  2. April 3, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    This has been all over the net every one over the world wants him back on the force especially people who can’t smell in the 1st Pl.
    and the little town that he lives in, I can’t smell since I was five years old, my mother said I hit my head on something, now I am 45 years old, here’s what I’ve learned over the years, I can see, I can feel I can touch, for instance, I can see smoke I can see fire I could see mold when it is available, I can see labels of danger, these are the ways I get around I could see gas on the ground, because gas and water looked different, and I can hear, these are the things I’ve learned from a cop who cannot smell has to learn all that I’ve seen people who have handicap at Donau arms or legs people who are blind, people cannot hear, likes like the FBI and CIA and the police. If these are none of the things that can get his job back, he should get a dog that can smell for him, if it’s applicable, for him to do so, learning to with learning to live without it is a challenge in life,

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