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A New Season Of Storms

sswthuderheads051Thunderheads over SSW in 2005 – www.imagesbylawrence.us

Tis that time of year in Pittsburgh for strong storms to start popping up. We only have a few shingles left on our two car shed, so it would be the right time for them to be *really* strong – as Mother Nature has an abundance of humor.

It looks like this year will be fairly interesting also, according to the current National Forecast from Weather.com. I’m sure that the midwest will get some two and three cow tornados (the cow rating is an official measuring method used by Richard Kane and Pittsburgh area SkyWarn members derived from the movie “Twisters”). In addition to tornados I’m sure rivers will over-flow, gardens will flood, cars will float, and potholes will be filled (temporarily).

Hmmm ….. Pittsburgh hasn’t had a tornado in a while (and I really do miss that last one I saw in the rear view mirror of my car while trying to negotiate going down Sycamore St at a high rate of speed without crashing into anything to get away from it). Ahhh ….. weather experience memories. I’m actually quite happy that none of them for me included things like shovels, sump pumps, and the cleanup of human excrement that was once in my sewer.

Oh well, I guess how strong they will be depends on how successfully we irritate God and Mother Nature.

*Update Click Here for a current (03/25/09) article on the flooding issues with the Missouri River by Andrea Stone from USA Today.


PS – Stay away from the lightning ….. unless you are a golfer – then hold that big metal rod *real* high and help with the slow elimination of a really boring sport.

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