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Smart Car orphanage needed soon

cluelesstrophy ….. and the Clueless Award goes to – The Smart Car, who is now being orphaned and maybe really not as smart as we thought. Actually is should probably go to the people that thought a $99 refundable order deposit was a good idea.

It looks cute, it’s decent on gas (36mpg), but you can only fit two adults (if they are on Jenny Craig diets) and maybe your pet ferret in the back. It as a great idea for those not doing any hauling or seniors using is for minimal “point a” to “point b” transportation. Unfortunately for a few thousand more you can start getting into comparable fuel economy and near same size that accommodates at least four adults. It was a good idea, but …

Gas prices never stayed at over $4 a gallon, which is really the only reason people freaked out and ordered them instead of ordering something like a Honda Fit or Civic (which I own). so, at this point there are lots of orphans looking for adoptive parents.

Click Here for an article from Chris Woodyard of USA Today on the sad state of abandonment that the Smart Car finds itself in today. Please help {{sob}}, I feel so sorry for orphans {{sniff}} {{honk}} …..


PS – on the bright side, The Smart Car is now the owner of a ” SWB Clueless Trophy”.

  1. Richard Prilolp
    March 25, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    2 people is twice as many as i see most cars carrying… i dont understand the animostiy towards the smart…. people with small minds i suppose.

    • SWB
      March 25, 2009 at 3:13 pm

      Good Point … SWB actually poking at the people that put money down because it was a fad, or other shallow reasons, etc and then didn’t bother to pick the car up because they probably bought a 10-cylinder SUV anyway. We were also poking at the dealers for not securing the contract in a good way. Personally I think it’s a good car, but with a family it makes more sense for me to just eliminate a vehicle in the next two years or drop a brand new engine in my current Civic Hatchback – it currently has 200,000 miles, but the body and suspension is good – the engine is just getting old. The Smart is actually an good car the the demographics it is geared to. I would like to see it turn into an all-electric vehicle.

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