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Remembering Sunday School

churchRemember Sunday School – or better yet, CCD Classes in the Catholic Church? I think it was more of a tradition than biblical education …. or better yet, minor torture for your kids.

It doesn’t get better for a kid than waking up on a weekend morning as early as a regular school day to go to a place where Nuns are armed with rulers.  Personally I think parents send their kids to CCD so they can say “see, regular school isn’t that bad ….”.

Well, let’s go over some memories here:

Good Ones:

  • Teachers that at least seemed like they care whether I ended up in Heaven or not.
  • Friends that I sometimes did not get to see anywhere else.
  • The occasional treat given to keep our attention.
  • First access to the rides when the church fair was going on.

The “Not So Great” memories:

  • Nuns with rulers
  • More Nuns with rulers
  • … yep, you guessed it – even more Nuns with rulers

Worst Memory:

  • After questioning a a typo in a quoted bible verse in a CCD workbook, I brought it to the attention of the teacher and was immediately scorned for questioning the Bible.  Even after they finally compared the verse to an actual Bible, and apology was never made.

Now, Sunday School or CCD was probably never that bad, but none of us probably wanted to be there.  Not that kids don’t like God ….. but geez, the Nuns with rulers were a bit much. I now go to an Anglican church, and it just doesn’t seem right that my step-daughter actually wants to go to Sunday school.  Hmmmm ….. just doesn’t seem right 🙂


PS – “Nuns With Rulers” sounds like an awesome roller derby team, doesn’t it?

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