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The First Days Of Spring in Pittsburgh


The first days of spring in Pittsburgh are always unique. They are never the same, and never come in the same way. Personally I think this is a sign of God having humor. Here is my tale of how this season came to play with Pittsburgh today.


It’s the first days of Spring and I imagine to see many a thing,

many kids at play with birds in the air gliding on a wing.


Dreaming of this Spring scene while laying in bed,

I was thinking of flowers blooming early and turning a bright pretty red.


Following a whim I caught in my dream,

I dressed in T-shirt and shorts wearing a smile that just seemed to beam.


I ran down the stairs, and whipped open the door,

to a Spring sight I though that I could adore.


But the only thing I saw could not have made me frown more,

it looked like a lost Pittsburgh river rat clawing at my door.


The pond was still covered with ice and my shirt apparently thin,

I screamed out to God, “this isn’t the way it was in my PS3 Sim!!”


The only thing flying in the grim cold at this time,

was the WPXI traffic copter covering a three car pile up in it’s prime.


It’s supposed to be warm, happy, and sunny …

but no matter where I look there isn’t a single bunny.


The only thing to be seen blooming were the pothole flowers,

Turning the expensive cars into over-sized earth plowers.


A beautiful Spring movie scene did not greet me this day,

It seemed that the glorious Pittsburgh weather just pushed it the other way.



PS – Welcome to Spring in Pittsburgh … get your shovels back out!

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