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Review: Lunch At The Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh

hbcaptureFirst thing … remember this review was written after consuming 1 liter of Dunkel therefore SWB takes no responsibility for offending those that don’t like German food or beer, but we do feel sorry for you if you don’t. BTW – click on the picture to go to their site.

What we had: Bierwurst on a bun w/fries, and Black Forest Cake for desert topping it all off with 1 liter of Dunkel

Atmosphere: Way better than the Newport site. 5 out of 5 for authenticity

Beer quality: Extremely accurate even with probably not sitting as long as needed due to opening. If it gets better they will be putting some Pittsburgh micros out of business.

Service: Excellent at all levels

Summary: I grew up with German beers, so Dunkel (the darker beer) is probably what I will stick with. The other brews (lights, lagers, etc) had everyone raving about them at the bar near where I was sitting. The food was cooked very well, and the selection I took was no different than eating lunch at my German grandma’s. As fat as the atmosphere – it’s a German beer house … you will make friends.

  1. Joseph Smith
    May 1, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    I am writing this review to tell you that you should not eat or drink at Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh. The waitstaff is extremely discourteous, and the security was downright criminal.

    My party was at the restaurant to celebrate a project ending, and we had planned to stay for an entire afternoon and evening. The entire group was well-behaved and respectful for the entire time. Around 6pm, the waitstaff (our waitress was named {{name eliminated for security}}) started refusing to serve us beer. Some of our party had just arrived minutes ago, and they were not allowed to order!

    After being “cut off” from being served, our group decided to get the bill. The bill was incorrectly calculated and was significantly more than we had ordered. Given no recourse, we paid the entire bill and left.

    While leaving the restaurant, one of our party accidentally knocked a glass off the table and broke it. While we were leaving, a security guard physically attempted to restrain a member of our party and drag him back into the restaurant. The security guard had also informed Southside Works security and the pittsburgh police (for an accidentally broken glass!!!).

    Unfortunately, the manager was forced to come out and was also rude and discourteous to our party. After paying more than a $250 bill, I would have expected the manager to at least show some respect for customer service. Finally, the situation was resolved, and we were allowed to go home.

    In short, do not go to Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh. Tell your friends that they are a rude and downright criminal establishment. We should now allow our community to be populated with such elitists.

    • SWB
      May 2, 2009 at 1:31 am

      Due to our multiple very positive experiences with HB Pittsburgh (they have no idea who we are), we are posting this comment with a request to HB Pittsburgh to reply to it. Due to our knowledge about HB (our family is from Germany and has visited HB there many times, we also know how seriously that community strives to keep the HB Experience “family oriented” and secure). We allow the comment, but we also defend HB’s integrity on the issue. There is always two sides to every story, so we courteously asked HB for theirs.


    • Jake
      May 10, 2009 at 7:25 pm

      It’s amusing to me when people try to spoil a good thing whenever they get a chance to. Obviously an establishment would never throw out guest for no apparent reason. Having frequented the Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh numerous times, I can assure you there must have been a legitimate reason for your party being “cut off” and later asked to leave. The security staff there does an outstanding job of controlling the crowd, thus providing a safe environment for all. One of my buddies were asked to leave on an occasion there for jumping on the table. I felt the security staff was totally in the right. Without them it would be complete chaos there. They allow just enough craziness for people to have fun but stay safe. It’s a shame some people aren’t mature enough to have a few drinks and not turn into a frat boy.

      • October 25, 2009 at 6:05 pm

        I was thrown out after drinking 2 sips of my beer. apparently I was too “drunk”. After protesting my removal with one of the bouncers wearing a security t-shirt I was tackled and shoved into the wall. My back is now in pain and I have difficulty moving around. All of this because one of the bouncer’s thought I had too much to drink (remember this is a German beer Garten, I was removed after two sips of my liter) . The real reason for my removal is more likely because I was wearing a shirt in support of gay marriage and that some how rubbed the bouncer the wrong way. This is the only thing that makes sense. Anyways I definitely would not recommend this place to anyone unless they what to take the chance of being assaulted.

        downright criminal is exactly how I would describe these thugs in any other setting these men would be arrested on charges of assault and possibly be facing jail time as of now. Of course because I am the “drunk” one I have little to no recourse on this matter. “Family friendly” ha ya right.

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