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Pittsburgh Is Turning Green … and wants you too also

goslings111908… along with Jordan, John, and the seven little J’s to the left – inhabitants of Riverfront Park in The SouthSide of Pittsburgh. It was just easier to name all the kids “J”. Here is a good article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the city going green and suggestions on how you can do it without mortgaging your house a second time (if that’s even possible in this economy).

Oh – Pittsburgh doesn’t want you to turn green by consuming the leftover green draft beer from the St Patty’s Day festivities – although you can have one in honor of Dan Rooney getting nominated for ambassador to Ireland.

The city even has a new website www.theblackandgoldcitygoesgreen.com. Check it out …. it will help you track your progress.

Here are examples of what we at SWB have done so far:

  1. Made running wheels for our high energy dogs and fed them additional caffeine.
  2. Captured and stored hot air from various bosses around the city and then fed it into a turbine generator for free energy.
  3. Convinced the local high-school kids that pushing our cars to work is really cool and charges their iPods for free.

OK, really … we actually did the following:

  1. Changed 90% of the light bulbs in our home to CFL (Compact Fluorescent) bulbs. The only ones we kept incandescent were ones that need to go on instantly for security reasons and are rarely used. This saved us about $25 a month on out electric bill.
  2. Turned thermostats down a degree …. and 5 more degrees when we leave for work. This saved us at lease $15 to $30 per month on gas charges.
  3. Switched from using the oven to cook items for 3 people to using a larger Black and Decker digitally controlled toaster/convection oven. This saved us at least another $10 a month on energy charges.
  4. For the geeks: Consolidated our testing servers onto one physical server with VMware Server (free) and stopped running the server 24/7 when not actually testing.

When you do this you have to keep in mind you won’t instantaneously see your bills going down, or your energy usage going down, but monitor the charges over the next six months and you will definitely see the changes.

BTW – for those that think few can afford things like compact fluorescent bulbs, check out your local dollar store – you can even find them there.


PS – Don’t worry, we didn’t actually feed our dogs caffeine – if we did, we wouldn’t have survived the energy outburst.

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