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The Republican party beats on their own kids (exaggerated)

mccainblogetteCapture from Meghan McCain’s blog – click it to go there

I’m not a Republican supporter – I believe whoever can do the job best as President of The United States should get that job regardless of party designation. Also – although not a major fan of John McCain, his daughter seems seems to have the brains, guts, and ambition to even very effectively respond to criticisms from within The Republican Party itself. Now, to show you how off the charts that party has become, some of the women in it in the media are going as low as picking on Meghan’s weight, etc to prove nobody would want to listen to her (thus “the republican party beats on their own kids”). Considering Meghan has friends in all parties (Republican, Democratic, Liberal, etc) and tends to find good middle ground to views within her friends as mentioned in multiple interviews – you might want to watch her. If she gets involved more heavily and permanently in the political arena she could end up a hopeful for many political offices in the future. Entering the limelight at this young of an age, you might well see her as the first women president if she so chooses that route.

Well, Meghan – good luck in bringing change to your political party. I know everyone in the real world would welcome it.

For you blog readers, she has a great blog – check it out.

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