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…. it sounds just like a jet ….

cloudssnow112108Nothing like flying the wild blue yonder ….. re-using an old jet engine may come close.

I used to live at The Cork Factory in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, so I still get the posts from one of their resident forums to keep in tough with friends.

One current one that came up was about a jet-engine like sound possibly coming from across the river. Working in buildings with their own backup generators, I know that some of the newer turbo-charged models can sound like jet engines, so I politely explained that in a post back to the forum. Then, I started thinking ….. construction just started again on Rt28 (affectionately known as “death 28” by Pittsburghers). I’ve also heard that PennDOT has started to employee newer methods to get their workers moving more efficiently – the biggest challenge being the historically significant “shovel leaners”. When I say “historically significant” I do mean that because every picture of roads being built from the discovery of the wheel has included “shovel leaners”.

Anyway … due to the really bad economy, there were rumors that the business jet companies started parting out their planes and sold a few jet engines to PennDOT to get the “shovel leaners” moving. It was the only method that generated enough thrust to get them to move from their pre-planted secured positions at the work-site.


PS – I have a great deal of respect for the “shovel leaners” – it’s almost as perfect of a job as a meteorologist.

  1. March 16, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    where my father used to work they tested actual jet engines in a hangar — pretty loud stuff

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