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Major Rant: Jay’s Towing and Service

Why is this a major rant?

Because I ran across Jay’s Towing rushing to a job (which I assume was in the Strip District) around 22nd. This started while SWB was on RT65 going towards Pittsburgh at 12:15pm on he day of this post. My first experience was me seeming like I was standing still while Jay’s Tower blew past me like I was go-kart racing against an F-18. He later go backed up in the other lane, switch almost knocking a few other cars out of the way an almost driving over mine.

That’s not all – when I went to exit on 7c to the Strip District, Jay’s Towing was two cars behind me, pull out, gassed it, and almost took out the right side of my car which at that time included my 8-year old step-daughter. After we started to go across the 16th street bridge, Jay’s Towing blew past me and a very dangerous rate of speed for that bridge and almost hit others. When he turned on the the main street he didn’t even notice two people crossing and almost ran them over.

Here is his website, the vehicle in question is the one that is at the top of the site,, all shiny and new. If you see it – get out of the way – even if you have kids, they could care less.


PS – It’s looking by their “client” list and the fact they were showing up in the strip on a call they have contracts with Pittsburgh … guess where this post is going???

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