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Rendell sniffs out PLCB


First – Rendell is not my favorite guy, but I’m lovin’ him now!!. Remember how we highlighted previously that customer service training for the state store folks was a stupid project and a waste of time because they were already great at it?

Well, the contact seems to be a little tainted. Why? You ask?

Because the guy running Solutions 21 (the company awarded the contract) is sleeping with the regional manager for Western PA. Yup, it’s his wife. He was even clueless enough to thing people would believe he know nothing about the bid in advance.

Here is an Article from the Post-Gazette on the subject …..
and remember give some kudos to Rendell for taking action for this one.

cluelesstrophyAnd the clueless award goes to Buddy Hobart who obviously thinks the people of PA are brainless idiots.


PS – lots of dogs are named “Buddy” …… hmmmmm.

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