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Terrorist Watch List – it’s getting big!


…. and just hit one million entries, according to USA Today … this makes me feel safe. Considering that this is also with them removing tens of thousands of entries from the list … hmmm … I feel even more safe.

I feel very happy that our government deems it important to watch over our safety, but the question is: are they doing anything about it? It seems that they are taking so much time collecting the data, and so much of it – it brings up the question: With so much information, can they effectively use the data they have collected?

This gets on the SWB “we told ya so” list simply because paranoia drives lists and databases.


PS – Watch out … there’s one behind you.

BTW – did the government ever think that running the country in such a way (not outsourcing, etc) that more effectively allows people to have a chance at a decent life and a decent job would be the most efficient way of combating terrorism? Wait … that would make sense … skip it.

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