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The Octo-Mom Saga Continues

This seems like a sequel to the 80s TV show “Eight Is Enough”. Maybe they could call it “14 Is It!”

Well …. personally I think the anger towards Octo-Mom has leveled off at least and at this point (I’m not defending her), it’s probably time so see if she can pull it off. It is hard for us to also realize that in other countries there are families with more children in them. Maybe the way the kids were “produced” in this situation is not the way they were meant to be created, but they are here nd should be given some kind of chance. The mother should be given a chance also and maybe allot of grace. But …..

(and you know with SWB, there is always a “but ….”)

The doctor should lose his license for allowing the procedure – especially at the tax payers cost to have been done when Octo-Mom already had six children.

Click here for an interesting blog/discussion entry on the Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project site.

This could also end up a political nightmare for the politicians who may need to step in and decide who pays for what if she does not get enough donations and needs state/federal help.


PS – I hope she eats her “Wheaties” …. even with 12 nannies, she’s gonna need ’em.

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