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Working in the mill and on the beams

vincetheartistsitecapture1Capture from Vince Ornato’s website

I’ve been thinking of all of the people I knew that did the dirty job or working in the mills and on the steel beams on the buildings of The Pittsburgh Area. Lately it seems to be a forgotten time. All I hear about is how the current generation contributed and how bad they are having it. In this recession, maybe we need to look back on that area and remember the fact that those dirty mill workers and steel workers really are the ones responsible for a great deal of this city – and remember that some of them gave their lives so we could have what we have now – and that their work ethic lives in the military people from Pittsburgh that protect our country also. Click here for a great piece on three generations of mill workers and another link to The Rivers Of Steel Heritage Area.

One of the artists that I think does about the best in capturing the times when the mill workers and steel workers were at their best is Vince Ornato. Click here to check out his site and artwork. Vince shows at major arts festivals, including the Three Rivers Arts Festival, etc.

As it gets closer to the summer, SWB will be highlighting various Pittsburgh artists and mention the shows they may be at. If they produce art that reflects Pittsburgh history or heritage, that will be highlighted also.


  1. May 5, 2009 at 2:46 am

    SW, thanks so much for the kind words about my paintings. I was an ironworker for
    seven years off and on, and this is where so much of my feeling for the subject comes from. I was on many large construction jobs and inside lots of different factories and mills. My intention is to capture the feeling of the genre while, hopefully paying “raw” tribute to the workers and families who built Pittsburgh and America with their hands.

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