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Chris Brown and Rihanna hitting hard times …

… or should I say Chris Brown experiencing hard times after hitting Rihanna.

I’m not much of a Chris Brown fan or Rihanna fan, so I’ve haven’t read every article in the news … but basics are basics. A man should not hit a woman in anger for any reason, and should have enough sense to walk away if the woman initiates the issue (less her having a gun, etc). The boy image that Chris has now is gone – and rightly so, but the bad thing is that Rihanna’s image will most likely get destroyed also.

The even worse thing is the fact that Chris’s fan base is mostly teens, so they are getting a lesson on how to not treat women, which they might unfortunately see as “cool”. Rihanna going back to Chris may be seen by young women as her being submissive to him and acceptable. This is a problem.

The even worse thing I’m hearing on the streets is the “girlfriends” calling Rihanna a slut because she doesn’t have enough guts to stay away from Chris. It’s nice to know girls still support girls <– notice the sarcasm.

Anyway … here is the USA Today Latest on their spotlight for your afternoon entertainment.


PS … guys, this is *NOT* how you treat women even “if they ask for it” – because most likely they really aren’t. Parents – have the guts to explain the things your kids hear on the news, before they become the news.

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