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My Tad-Frog

tadfrog1Dazed and confused frog

He’s real, and he’s really one of my pets. It’s a tad-frog!!

This is one of the tadpoles that never became a frog from the pond we have in our yard. Considering we live right next to an industrial park, we figured this is just the way he is supposed to be. He actually appears quite happy eating everything the goldfish miss, occasionally nipping on the plants, and really doesn’t seem to long become a actual frog.

Looking this phenomenon up online, it seems this only happens near industrial plants, dump sites, etc. The goldfish are a little strange too …. they were about an inch long last year when we took them out of the pond … they are about three inches now. I’ll start to worry if they start growing arms and lets. Now if my step-kid starts growing limbs, that could work for a sports scholarship. She’s kind of a tom-boy anyway.


PS – I know this would probably make me a bad step-dad, but if while we are living here the kid really does start growing extra limbs, I’m selling the pics to The Globe to pay for her college education.

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