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The Next Barbie Crisis ….


Uh oh …. we got a tattooed Barbie now. It’s not bad enough that we have a Barbie that looks perfect and poisons our little girls heads on how people should look …… noooooo ….. now we have to go alternative.

Parents …. Watch Out! Don’t Buy It! Your children will never will turn into green haired, tattoo wearing, pot smoking trolls that have bad images about themselves!

Geez …..

Is it really that slow of a news week??

I consider it utter nonsense that parents no longer have the guts to personally tell their children that they cannot have a toy – and even less guts to explain why. BTW – the tattoos they are giving with the Tattoo Barbie are the same ones you buy your kid out of the gum ball machines.


PS – somehow I see other countries doubled over laughing at us on this one.

  1. jeff b
    March 18, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Of all the problems in the world, a tattooed Barbie is pretty low on the list. But there’s always someone who wants to be offended. Or whose job is to be offended.

    If you want a laugh, check out this video about the tattooed Barbie dolls – it’s really funny:

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