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Give up Texting For Lent


The Pope wants us to give up texting for Lent ….. he’s kidding, right?!?!?!?

That’s like asking us to not go on Facebook for an hour!

I mean … how are we supposed to look cool, keep up with beautiful people, and get hyper-time-critical personal business like hair appointments done???

Does he have any idea what it will do to the economy??? I mean if people don’t text, they won’t go over their texting limit, and they won’t pay ungodly texting fees – resulting in stock price dropping even further for the cell giants further damaging the economy.

Does he realize the personal psychological damage that could ensue for mass amounts or persons ….. along with personal thumb lock-ups due to non-texting time??

Geez …. he acts like he’s the head of some big church organization or something …. geez.


PS …. I’m done picking on the Pope. Actually I’m picking on the texters ….. but people have trouble spotting underlying humor at times …. thus I have to explain it.


  • FYI – it was initially Monsignor Benito Cocchi, but all of the bishops, etc are backing it ….. so might was well indirectly pick on the Pope – I hear he has a sense of humor. I can’t remember the site with the incorrect info, or I’d list it here. But, the Pope did say if we spend too much time on computers, we risk isolation and depression – Duh …. so let’s apply the above pokes and pick on him for that one.
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