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Tiversa – Local business and Government ‘Oops’


For those that think nothing happens in or around Pittsburgh needs to read up on Tiversa. That is the company that discovered the security breach concerning the documents on the new Presidential helicopter showing up in Iranian dataspace. Now … this issue isn’t that they found any hyper-critical security breach (we wouldn’t have heard about it if they did) – it’s the fact that is was discovered by a company in the Pittsburgh/Cranberry area …. not in Silicon Valley, not in New York, not in Washington …. but *here*.

So, for those that think we don’t have industries developing here, or work becoming available – you just need to look around. It’s here – and sometimes better than anyone else.

As far as the part of this posting concerning the security leak from the government or it’s supplier …. “oops, I did it again” seems to be appropriate.


PS Do you think it’s possible for a whole government to get a Darwin Award?? 🙂

Anyway … here is a good reference article by Mike Cronin in the Tribune-Review.

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